Long product

Long product

Metal rolling production is the process of rolling steel or other materials and obtaining various products and semi-finished products. Billets and profiles based on steel alloys and non-ferrous metals are called rolled metal.

Metal products according are divided into two main types:

Simple rental or varietal;
Hire a contoured or shaped.
Simple rental or varietal. The peculiarity of this type of rolled products is that the tangent to any point of the cross-section contour does not intersect this section.

Types of long products:

Metallurgy rolled products of various grades and shapes

Shaped or shaped rental. The peculiarity of such rolling is that the tangent at least at one point of the cross-section contour intersects this section.

Products of such rolled metal products:

Special purpose profiles.

Mass-produced shaped products include:
Angular steel profile - can be either equal-or unequal-for an angular unequal profile. It is used in creating through columns, towers, masts, overhead line supports, etc.
Steel channel - this shaped profile has a cross-section with one axis of symmetry, is widely used in construction-in columns, roof purlins, etc. The channel number corresponds to the wall height. The range includes channels from 5 to 40 cm. Steel I - beam is a beam profile, it can be ordinary and with parallel faces of shelves.
Shaped rolled products are widely used in construction. The standard for I-beam is.
A special type of shaped rolled products includes rails and other products that are used in the iron and transport industry, as well as in mine production.

In contrast to high-grade rolled metal, shaped rolled metal is made only of group 1GP-it is intended for its further use without surface treatment.

Products, both long and shaped rolled metal products are widely used in construction, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, bridge construction and other areas of human life.

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