Pipe rental

Pipe rental

Pipe rental
In today's world, any building or industrial structure needs a well - equipped pipe and gas pipeline system.

Equipment with pipe rental for the construction of pipe and gas pipeline systems is the primary basis for further provision and support of comfortable conditions in the premises.

Characteristics of rolled pipes
To choose the most appropriate pipe roll, you should take into account such characteristics as:

compliance with international standards;
high quality materials;
long service life.
Production of rolled pipes
Pipe rolling is obtained as a result of technological processes that occur on specialized pipe rolling machines.

In essence, pipes are objects of secondary processing of round and flat workpieces.

There are seamless and welded types of different diameters and physical characteristics.

The direct production process of creating seamless pipes consists of two main points: stitching and rolling.

The first point involves performing a number of operations on sewing machines using different types of rolling. All processes take place on pipe-rolling pilgrim and automatic structures.

The main principle of operation is the interaction of sleeves and mandrels. The sleeve, being at a certain distance from the mandrels, smoothly falls into the hole between the rolls.

Further, pipe rolling is carried out by the direct rolling process.

Classes and types of rolled pipes
Pipe rolling involves many different criteria. According to the class relative to rolling are distributed from 1 to 6. on the coating there are galvanized and non-galvanized types.

The first subspecies is characterized by a special coating that provides long-term operation and protection from excessive and possible corrosion. Such products are designed for water, gas and oil pipelines.

Pipe rolling by type of section is divided into: round and profile. They have a universal application, vary in thickness and shape, and they can also be made according to individual parameters. They have a high level of reliability.

It is due to their successful characteristics that they are actively used for laying heating systems and the oil and gas industry. Rolled pipes are available on the market in a wide range, mainly produced by casting and electric welding.

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